Star Assurance Company: A Larger And Better Company

Staff Writer

The Star Assurance Group joins the global community in celebrating International Women’s Day; a day for world citizens to shine a spotlight on gender equality issues, how these issues impede global development, and how they can be eliminated.

As an organization devoted to improving the opportunity of women, we continue to mobilize and challenge the patriarchal status quo and influence social norms to facilitate the growth of women visionaries.

This year’s celebration focused on the theme “Break the Bias”. The theme is a passionate directive to forge a society free of discrimination against women, forging an inclusive, equal environment where women share in the responsibilities and enjoy similar opportunities.

At Star Assurance Group, we believe inequality. We give women opportunities to advance their careers and we celebrate their achievements. We continue to provide a work environment devoid of any discrimination. With this commitment, our leadership in Star Assurance, StarLife and StarMicro constitutes experienced and dedicated women who are change-makers in the field of business.

These valiant women occupy positions such as CEO, COO, CFO, Head of Technical Operations, Head of Human Resources, Head of Legal, Head of Administration, Head of Brand & Communications just to mention a few. All our female employees are provided equal opportunities for growth to succeed at all levels.

As we continue to honour women throughout the world, we wish to congratulate and thank our amazing women who work tirelessly to ensure the success of the Star Assurance Group.

We pledge to continue to support women and to eliminate any form of bias or barrier to their success.

Let us break the bias!