Stanbic Heights Star Assurance Headoffice


This policy provides cover against:

  1. Hull All Risk Covering all risks of loss or damage of the insured’s aircraft while in flight, taxiing, or on the ground on an Agreed
    Value basis.

  2. Covering engines, spare parts and equipment destined to be fitted to or form part of the aircraft and /or to be used in connection with the servicing, property of others for which the insured is responsible, while such property is in the care, custody or control of the insured on the ground, or while at the premises of others, and while in transit by any means of conveyance including the insured’s aircraft

  3. Covering Aircraft third party, passenger, passenger baggage, aviation general third party and cargo legal liability.

  4. Hull War and Allied Risks:
    - Covering the perils excluded on the Hull All Risks Insurance by the application of war, Hijacking and Other Peril Exclusion Clause.

    -Spare parts are covered under this section except specifically excluded (i) above.

Insurers liability is limited to the sum insured specified under each section above.